2016 – Rafał Siek Guest of the Festival

Born in 1975

By education – I am an engineer – a mechanical engineering technologist.

By passion – a photographer and a bit of a filmmaker.

By love of image, music and the sounds of nature – creator and editor of diaporamas.

Heretofore I have created:

  • ‘Wisła’ (Vistula), 2008 – for Natural History Museum division of Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny;
  •  ‘Sowy’ (Owls) – authorial diaporama, 2008;
  • ‘Historia bocianiego gniazda’ (A Tale of Storks‘ Nest) – story about Black storks, 2009;
  • ‘Warsztaty fotograficzne Kazimierz nad Wisłą’ (Photographic Workshops in Kazimierz Dolny) – a short summary of photographic workshops, composed in a diaporama of the photographs taken by participants for Vistula Museum in 2010;
  • ‘Małopolski Przełom Wisły z lotu ptaka’ (Bird’s Eye View on the Vistula Gorge in Lesser Poland) for Vistula Museum, 2010;
  • ‘Walory przyrodnicze Poleskiego Parku Narodowego’ (Nature Values of Polesie National Park) – made in 2010 for Polesie National Park in two different language versions;
  • ‘Ptaki Puław i ich środowisko życia’ (The Birds of Pulawy and Their Habitat) – made for Pulawy Town Hall in 2010;
  • ‘Bug Pejzaż Nostalgiczny’ (The Bug River Nostalgic Landscape) – made for KRUK Jolanta Tabor company, composed from the photographs of Artur Tabor and with his narration, 2012;
  • ‘Żółw błotny w Poleskim Parku Narodowym’ (European Pond Turtle in Polesie National Park) – made in two language versions for Polesie National Park in 2013;
  • ‘Roztocze’ (Roztocze) – diaporama featuring photographs of Wieslaw Lipiec for ‘Lipiec’ publishing company in 2013;
  • ‘Sowy Polski’ (The Owls of Poland) – diaporama created for KRUK Jolanta Tabor from the photographs of Artur Tabor and with his narration, 2014;
  • ‘Polesie w Naturze’ (Polesie in Nature) – promotional movie ordered by Polesie National Park;
  • ‘Moja droga życia’ (My Life’s Path) – an interview with Artur Tabor, diaporama created for KRUK Jolanta Tabor, 2015;
  • ‘Sowy’ (Owls) – Great grey owl – authorial diaporama, 2016;

I am a photographer from the ancient times, knowing the meaning of the words like ‘developing agent’ and ‘photographic fixer’.

From 2005 to 2010 I have worked with the company KRUK Artur Tabor as a camera operator – ‘We’ve done some stuff together’.

I am a founder member of EUROKRESY association and a member of Roztocze-Subcarpathia division of Polish Wildlife Photographers Association.

Since 1995 I have had permission to photograph and film the rarest species in Poland and to enter nature reserves and protected zones.





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