2015 – Radoslaw Kazmierczak the Guest of the Festival

Born in 1982. Photography is not only my passion, but my way of life. I live in Sanok, soin my photography I focus on the wildlife of Subcarpathias and Bieszczady Mountains. Despite the fact that it is very difficult, I aim to show nature in the way that would catch spectators’ attention for longer than a second and stimulate their contemplation. Some of the factors affecting my photography are harsh weather conditions on my night trips, necessary for perfect lighting. I strive to show more than the beauty of highland pastures, popular hiking trails or mountain peaks; but also unexplored sites, such as rapid streams, forgotten villages, lonely trees or wild orchards. One of my favourite and most exploited photographic themes is an ecosystem, created by river San around its river bed. Often, distracted by numerous responsibilities, we fail to notice our close surroundings. It happens, that the place we pass every day, hides many mysteries of nature. These kinds of places I wish to discover on a daily basis.

My most important awards: ‘Przyroda w obiektywie’ (Nature through a Lens), ‘Tajemnicepolskiejprzyrody’ (The Mysteries of Polish Wildlife), ‘LeśneFotografie 2010’ (Forest Photo 2010), ‘Czteryporyroku – zima’ (Four Seasons – Winter), ‘Biennale FotografiiGórskiej’ (Mountain Photo Biennale), ‘Ulotnechwile’ (Fleeting Moments), ‘Leśnefotografie 2012’ (Forest Photo 2012), ‘Osobliwościprzyrodniczo – krajobrazowepolskichparkównarodowychpołożonychnaobszarach Natura 2000’ (Nature and Landscape Curiosities of Polish National Parks LocatedwithinNatura 2000 areas), ‘Natura wokółnas’ (Nature Around Us), ‘Leśnefotografie 2014’ (Forest Photo 2014), ‘RóżnorodnośćbiologicznaikrajobrazowaBieszczadzkiegoParkuNarodowegoiotuliny’ (Biodiversity and Landscape Diversity of Bieszczady National Park and its Buffer Zones).


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