2015 – Beata Ostachowicz the Guest of the Festival

I was born in Cracow, where I have been living and working till now. I am a chemist, but photography has been my passion for years. Where did it come from? Probably just like with many of you, from books aboutwildlifephotography, read by Mum, and summer holidays spent in the countryside, where summertime meant freedom of wandering all days through fields and forests. I usually spend my leisure timeoutdoors, dividing it between family and photography. Most of my pictures are taken on Island Beskids during walks with my dog. Whenever possible, I join photographic expeditions; my favourite destination is Norway. I enjoy large areas of almost uninhabited northern regions as well as the austere beauty of these surroundings. In my photographs, I aim to capture the exquisiteness of ordinary, yet changeable things such as: play of lights, loveliness of wild flowers, old trees. I am a member of Polish Wildlife Photographers Association (ZPFP) and president of the ZPFP Cracow Department. Several of my diaporamas have been awarded in national and international photography competitions.









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