2022 – Exhibitions – Pamiętajmy o „Ogrodzie” (In memory of “Ogród”) – collective exhibition

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Fot. Adriana Bogdanowska

The exhibition site – The Academic Centre for Culture and Art “Od Nowa”, Gagarina 37a, Toruń

Vernissage – 3 December 2022 at 11am

This is a redisplay of the exhibition dedicated to Tomasz Ogrodowczyk. It premiered in 2020, during the pandemic, when opportunities to attend were very limited.

When Friends pass away, it’s like a piece of us is gone. It always hurts long and hard, and time, contrary to popular opinion, unfortunately does not heal wounds. This was the case in the spring of the 2020 Covidian year. Like a bolt from the blue the news of Tomek Ogrodowczyk’s death fell on us.   

“Ogród”, as Tomek’s friends addressed him, surprised us all. The myriad of plans he intended to carry out in cooperation with many people seemed to be just crystallizing, to be at his fingertips, and yet fate decided otherwise… Tomek’s wide range of artistic interests – film, photography, the sounds of Nature all fit his perfect creation. Naturally, we also shared festival visions related to the “Art of Nature” planned for 2020.

After all, “Ogród” must not be absent from this year’s Festival, since he has been associated with it for so many years. We all remember him presenting the spectacular results of his creative work in Toruń. This time his friends will join in the work of creation on his behalf. Together with Tomek’s brother and closest collaborator Michał Ogrodowczyk, we have invited a group of people close to Tomek, and the result of this collaboration is an exhibition dedicated to “Ogród”. Thus we pay tribute to our mate, friend and a great Artist. The photographic works were selected by the authors in accordance with the guiding idea, which is “the influence of “Ogród” on our work, or inspiration resulting from hours of conversations with Tomek about techniques, emotions and creation”.

I hope that the exhibition will make a significant contribution to the lasting and enduring memory of “Ogród”, so to paraphrase the words of a song: Let’s remember Ogród

Adam Adamski

Authors of the photographs:

Adriana Bogdanowska,
Adam Adamski,
Grzegorz Bobrowicz,
Jeremiusz Dutkiewicz,
Maciej Fiszer,
Artur Homan,
Mateusz Matysiak,
Michał Ogrodowczyk,
Ryszard Sąsiadek,
Rafał Siek,
Arkadiusz Swędrzyński,
Radosław Trzciński,
Marek Trzeciak,

Curator of the exhibition: Adam Adamski

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