2022 – Special guest of the Festival – Marek Arcimowicz

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A photographer, journalist and designer by profession. Marek has been a photographer for National Geographic Poland since its establishment in 1999. He is also a member of SONY Imaging Ambassadors, closely associated with the brand since 2008.

Occasionally a tour guide and university lecturer. Alpinist, skier.

The originator, founder and host of the FotoCamp festival in the Karkonosze Mountains, dubbed the “Photographic Woodstock.”

He was born in 1972 in Wałbrzych, Poland. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Wrocław University of Technology where he perfected his artistic skills under the guidance of, among others, Dr. Leszek Maluga.

In the years 2014-2018, he participated as a photographer in the KNKŚ (Woman At the End Of the World) – Martyna Wojciechowska project. 

Initially, his photographic interests focused on architecture and applied art. Later, he turned to aspects of dynamics and movement in photography, and then the condition of humanity. As part of an international scientific expedition in 2012, he completed the first world ascent to Tramen Tepui in Venezuela; the expedition also resulted in the discovery of 3 previously unknown animal species. While participating in joint expeditions, climbing and photographing, he often interacted with elite climbers and mountaineers. For years, he has been the editor and ‘front’ photographer of “Góry” (Mountains) Magazine. 

He has contributed to publications in books (Znak, Stapis, Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie, Góry, Galaktyka, National Geographic) and the press, including: “National Geographic Traveller”, “Geo”, “Podróże”, “Focus”.

His works have been exhibited in dozens of solo and group exhibitions, including “Oczami Fotografów National Geographic” (Through the Eyes of National Geographic Photographers), and have also been frequently exhibited in Poland and around the world. He has worked with leading advertising agencies in Poland and abroad, as well as with WWF and Amnesty International.

He participates in and organizes climbing, exploration and scientific expeditions. 

He lives an intercontinental life, and in his breaks from work, he resides in the mountains with his family.

www.arcimowicz.com   www.FotoCamp.pl

INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/arcimarek/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ArcimowiczPhotographer

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