2021 – Michał Fabiszewski, a Guest of the Festival

As an inhabitant of Dobrzyń Land, Michał Fabiszewski is simply a kind person, and in his kindness, he has a special love for nature. And this is a fact, as for several years, he has been successfully involved in nature photography, primarily observing and photographing the animate nature, but also educating children and young people in this scope. Recognised within the photographic industry, he has a number of competition successes, as well as individual and group exhibitions to his credit. He is a member of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association. But still, he favours solo expeditions to the ponds and lakes of Dobrzyń, to the brims of its rivers. Then, often paddling or even drifting through the water for many hours, he can experience close encounters with nesting and feeding birds. He favours birds above mammals, small reptiles and insects, as the topic for his photographs. When you get to know him, you will quickly notice that he often lowers his voice and whispers, a behaviour that helps him to gain trust of his flying friends. This is how he approached eared grebes, and the results of this encounter are quite impressive.

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