2021 – Krystian Kłysewicz, a Guest of the Festival

Krystian Kłysewicz — a photography enthusiast from Horyniec-Zdrój. He has devoted his heart and his camera to a small area of Poland called Roztocze Wschodnie (Eastern Roztocze), which name, as he claims, obliges him to photograph sunrises. He carefully plans his wildlife photo sessions so that the rising sun or the moon tones in with the planned frame, often waiting as long as half a year for the next opportunity. With the aid of a drone, he can take you into the magical perspective that birds experience on a daily basis. He does so not only with his photographs but also with his beautiful films. He has made many publications in magazines, newspapers, and albums, including “Roztocze”, his authorial album published with his friends Tomek Mielnik and Tomek Michalski. He is also a laureate of the International Drone Film Festival, where his extraordinary bird’s eye view of the Lubaczów Land secured him first prize. In fact, his entire adventure with photography began with an ambitious plan to create time-lapse films using a reflex camera. This is how his extraordinary series “Bieszczady Timelapse Cztery Pory Roku” (Bieszczady Time-lapse Four Seasons) was created in cooperation with his brother Marcin. Unfortunately, family and work do not leave him much leisure time, but his passion for drone photography and filming has prevailed. He is currently involved in a production of the film “Roztocze — Cztery Pory Roku” (Roztocze — Four Seasons), as well as in the creation of the Eastern Roztocze Photo Trail. Its Facebook profile is run by Krystian Kłysewicz — Imagine Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/RoztoczeHD 
and on Instagram: 
in an attempt to promote Roztocze and all its beauty.

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